Policy Analysis Skills Development

…providing training for policy analysis skills development, Fellowships for enhancing expertise, and workshops to respond to short-term training needs

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Real-time advice and counsel

ILEAP recognises that a key advisory deficit facing low-income developing country stakeholders – in particular in Africa – relates to the availability of informal channels through which advice can be sought. Real-time advice and counsel activities provides for such interactions between ILEAP, the ILEAP network and beneficiaries. It is delivered primarily via electronic communications, over the phone and in-person. It may include serving as a sounding board in the context of on-going negotiations (e.g. comments on a proposal or point of argumentation), as well as for proposals on activities being deliberated by officials and Ministries (e.g. the convening of stakeholders for a consultation).

As a largely informal activity, it provides beneficiaries with easily accessible backstopping support to underpin decision-making on the consideration of advice, as well as the advancement of various processes, projects and initiatives, including those not necessarily involving ILEAP.