Policy Analysis Skills Development

…providing training for policy analysis skills development, Fellowships for enhancing expertise, and workshops to respond to short-term training needs

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Analytical support for informed decision-making

A major impediment for low-income developing country stakeholders being able to take informed decisions relates to the inadequate (and/or inappropriate) analytical support available to them. A key activity for ILEAP entails providing a range of beneficiary-requested analytical supports. By helping to fill the identified knowledge gap, and doing so in a manner that the information is calibrated with the expertise of the intended recipient, these interventions help to provide a solid foundation for translating information into decisions. The latter is enhanced when the analytical support occurs as part of a broader advisory process in which ILEAP can more actively and regularly engage with the actual and potential users of the outputs, including throughout the process of building consensus around a particular decision.

Analytical supports can take various forms, including Background Briefs to clarify the relevance of a particular topic or to share experiences from other regions (e.g. on regulatory best-practice or implementing aid-for-trade programmes) and Negotiation Advisory Briefs to help support negotiators, researchers, and policymakers in their preparation of negotiations. Analytical supports may also comprise policy analysis to help understand the implication of reforms under deliberation or regulatory studies to help address specific and often technical issues under consideration.

Many of the outputs from these activities can be found via Publications or under the Papers section of specific events. In many cases however, the topic and/or recommendations can be of a sensitive and confidential nature, in which case these outputs are not publically available.