Policy Analysis Skills Development

…providing training for policy analysis skills development, Fellowships for enhancing expertise, and workshops to respond to short-term training needs

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Consensus-building workshops

Preparing for negotiations and the undertaking of policy and regulatory reforms requires a strong institutional process to help ensure the decisions taken can support the intended outcomes and impacts (especially if they are to positively impact poor and marginalised communities). The institutional processes for facilitating the needed interactions and building of consensus are however notably weak in many African low-income developing countries. As a result, ILEAP's activities in this area seek to bolster often-deficient institutional mechanisms, providing a forum for raising awareness, building consensus and facilitating broader deliberations. A central theme involves drawing in and supporting the effective engagement of key stakeholders (public, private, civil society and academic).

These activities are primarily delivered through the convening of workshops (or series of workshops), drawing on specifically prepared analytical supports and/or other research. In this respect, the support to building consensus often serves as a focal point around which a broader advisory support initiative is undertaken, helping to ensure that the various sources and types of information to be considered are adequately based on available evidence and can serve to influence and/or launch processes for negotiations, policy reforms and/or project development. A key value-addition from ILEAP’s role in these instances is the strengthening of the research-policy linkage.