Designing Better Interventions

...supporting beneficiaries in pursuing their negotiating interests, undertaking policy and regulatory reforms and designing better interventions to build productive capacities

Advisory Support

As a core component of ILEAP’s work to-date, the Advisory Support pillar focuses on three broad activities: providing real-time advice and counsel, generating analytical support for informed decision-making and facilitating consensus-building workshops. Most commonly, these three types of interventions are delivered as part of a coherent set of support activities (or project) focussed on a particular issue, policy and/or negotiation. The specific output aims to influence processes for negotiations, policy reforms and/or project development. The primary outcomes that ILEAP intends to influence under this work stream include:

With a demand-driven and responsive work programme, ILEAP's Advisory Support interventions over the years have spanned a broad range of topics, including agriculture, services, non-agricultural market access, non-tariff barriers, investment, special and differential treatment for developing countries, aid for trade, regional integration and trade facilitation. Such topics have been addressed at various levels of negotiation and policy – including at the WTO, regionally, bilaterally and also in the context of domestic (national) reforms.

In line with ILEAP’s strategic direction, current efforts largely focus on the following topics: