Policy Analysis Skills Development

…providing training for policy analysis skills development, Fellowships for enhancing expertise, and workshops to respond to short-term training needs

Workshops to respond to short-term training needs

It is not uncommon, in particular in the course of delivering advisory support where it becomes evident that those individuals tasked with a specific mandate (e.g. managing the process of preparing for trade negotiations or undertaking a sectoral strategy review) are lacking the requisite technical capacity.  ILEAP workshops to respond to short-term training needs are thus intended to help bolster the technical capacity of stakeholders (usually officials and/or non-state representatives) in a specific area, agreement or policy.  This may include some basic training to ensure that certain stakeholders not usually involved on a particular theme (or accustomed to approaching it from the ‘trade’ perspective) can more effectively engage in an on-going negotiation or reform process.  This targeted training thus helps to enhance their skills and provide them greater input into the broader consideration of advice.