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…bringing together stakeholders to raise awareness, build consensus, and increase the development orientation in technical assistance and capacity building on trade and investment

Trade Negotiations and Pro-poor Services Reforms in Africa  

Kampala, Uganda
4-8 February 2008

The workshop of 4-8 February 2008 in Kampala (Uganda) marks the start of a process aimed at facilitating a number of medium-term objectives on services negotiations in 2008.  The primary objective of this process is to assist African stakeholders identify their potential offensive and defensive interests in selected services sectors and modes of supply and translate these into well-informed negotiating positions.  In other words, it aims to explore mechanisms for pursuing a pro-poor reform of services regimes in Africa and the effective participation of African countries in the EPA and WTO services negotiations.  Key outputs expected from this process include sectoral studies providing an overview of current reforms and the broader regulatory framework in selected sectors for the different regions, as well as in-depth regional analytical studies (drawing on the sectoral studies) to guide the formulation of negotiations positions.


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Summary Meeting Report

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Compilation of all documents (Agenda, Aide memoire, Summary report, Participants List and presentations) [NOTE: this is a large zip file, 4 mb]