Building Consensus

…bringing together stakeholders to raise awareness, build consensus, and increase the development orientation in technical assistance and capacity building on trade and investment

Advancing Services Sector Development and Reforms in Nigeria


Abuja, Nigeria
10-12 November 2009

West Africa has confirmed its commitment to negotiating a comprehensive trade agreement (Economic Partnership Agreement) with the European Union. In the first instance, an agreement on goods is envisaged, with negotiations on services scheduled to commence in early 2010. Within the region, countries such as Nigeria recognise the potential opportunities presented by an agreement on trade in services. At the same time, there is acknowledgement that services reforms also present possible risks to stakeholders.  To promote pro-poor outcomes, there is need for various analytical and consultative inputs.

With a view to developing a West African offer and request in the EPA negotiations, efforts to date have focussed on building consensus around the issues raised by trade in services reforms, as well as identifying specific services sectors of interest on which further analytical work could be based.

The primary objective of this workshop is to build on previous efforts, in particular the Accra Road Map, to help advance the development of a proactive agenda on services preparations in Nigeria. By putting in place a sound methodology for the conducting of regulatory audits, and a process on which to undertake them, it would lay the essential groundwork for the preparation of services offers and help situate Nigeria as a leader in the region for advancing similar preparations at the regional level in the future.

A secondary aim of the workshop is to help mobilise a constituency on services reforms, including members of the private sector to establish a services coalition to help pursue their interests in sector development and negotiations.  This component would create awareness about the role of services coalitions in pursuing services reforms and negotiations, as well as promote information and knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders.

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