Building Consensus

…bringing together stakeholders to raise awareness, build consensus, and increase the development orientation in technical assistance and capacity building on trade and investment

Supporting Service Sector Development and Negotiations

Mensvic Grand Hotel – Accra, Ghana
14-17 March 2011

Services experts and officials from across the region are expected to provide a myriad of advice and support to their respective Ministries, governments and firms on issues related to service sector development, regulatory reforms and the role of services negotiations. This calls for synthesizing an adequate understanding of broader policy objectives vis-a-vis services sector development, the current state of affairs in any number of sectors, the role of regulatory reforms to underpin sectoral development, as well as the role, if any, for services negotiations and commitments to support such efforts.

This training session was convened to enhance the capacity of a select group of services experts from West Africa, alongside officials from the ECOWAS and UEMOA Commissions, to better understand the elements needed to design, manage and implement a more comprehensive approach to services sector development and in particular to situate the preparation of services negotiations within broader sector development objectives. Participants were thus able to generate a more detailed understanding of the substantive and process requirements for doing so, including with respect to approaches for undertaking regulatory/policy audits and assessments of sectoral competitiveness.

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