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African Strategies for Bilateral and Multilateral Trade in Services Negotiations in Accra, Ghana  

Accra, Ghana
March 9-12, 2005

The workshop aimed to assist Central and West African trade negotiators in playing an active role in the services trade negotiations and in advising their governments on such negotiations. The specific objectives were as follows:

  1. To review the state of play in the services negotiations under GATS and explore the links with Economic Partnership Agreements negotiations, and regional integration programs;

  2. To enhance the skills of scholars and policymakers involved in the above case studies;

  3. To discuss and share experiences on the main elements of a national or regional work program for effective participation in the request ? offer exercise in the Doha round, and;

  4. To identify offensive and defensive potential negotiation areas in selected sectors and modes of supply of interest to different countries.

The workshop was attended by policymakers of Central and West Africa , trade negotiators, relevant private sector operators and members of civil society, as well as academia.

The workshop was organized by ILEAP, in partnership with the Center for Policy Analysis (CEPA).

Accra, Ghana; March 9-12, 2005, Final report

Papers and Presentations