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…bringing together stakeholders to raise awareness, build consensus, and increase the development orientation in technical assistance and capacity building on trade and investment

ILEAP Capacity-Building Workshop  

Nairobi, Kenya
March 15-20, 2004

The objectives of the Nairobi 2004 workshop were: (1) enhance the skill of African trade advisors in assessing the implications of alternative negotiation options for African economies, (2) ensure negotiating positions are formulated taking into account African commercial interests and the ability to implement negotiated commitments, as well as the points of view of relevant partners and stakeholders, and (3) ensure coherence between national and bilateral negotiation commitments.

The workshop was divided into three parts. Part one (March 15-17) was a three-day training workshop on analytical frameworks including the World Integrated Trade Simulation (WITS) model and the Agricultural Trade Policy Simulation Model (ATPSM). Participants were introduced to databases of interest to trade negotiators.

Part two of the workshop was a two-day conference centered on the various trade and development issues that could be the basis of specific negotiating objectives and strategies in international trade talks. Separate sessions addressed the issues related to agriculture and non-agricultural market access. In addition to the participants in the first workshop, the second part included policymakers, members of civil society, and selected development partners. Presentations were in two parts. The first part concentrated on negotiation objectives and what can be done to achieve them. The second part broadened the discussion to non-trade (non-commercial) objectives that need to be factored into negotiation objectives and strategies to ensure that overall economic development objectives are being pursued.

The third part of the workshop entailed bilateral discussions between ILEAP and various governments and regional economic communities. Such discussions were conducted to determine the specific focus of ILEAP support to the specific country and/or region.

Participants mainly comprised of trade negotiators and their advisors, other trade analysts and policymakers, relevant private sector and civil society organizations. Programmes focused primarily on three regional economic communities: the East African Economic Community (EAC), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (Communaute Economic et Monetaire de l’Afrique Centrale) (CEMAC). Countries represented are Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda. Speakers from other regions will present the perspectives of main trading partners.

Nairobi, Kenya: Programme

Nairobi, Kenya: Final Report

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