Building Consensus

…bringing together stakeholders to raise awareness, build consensus, and increase the development orientation in technical assistance and capacity building on trade and investment

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Conference Series on Trade and Development

Building on the achievements of the seminal 2006 ILEAP event Mainstreaming Development in Trade Workshop - A Longer-term Approach to Developing Sustained Capacity, the Conference Series on Trade and Development seeks to strengthen dialogue between individuals and organisations supplying trade-related technical assistance and capacity building support to low-income developing countries.  It seeks to promote the adaptation of approaches and activities to evolving needs, the sharing of best practices and ensuring that development and poverty alleviation remains the centrepiece of such efforts.

More specifically the Conference Series seeks to engage those involved in capacity building efforts to think collectively about key issues, exchange information, experiences and curricula, and to discuss key concerns, in order to better direct trade (and investment) capacity building towards poverty alleviation. Taking a multidisciplinary-based approach helps to ensure that experts are well-versed in the diverse aspects of trade and investment policy (i.e. economics, law, political science, etc.).

The Conference Series also provides a feedback loop into ILEAP's programme delivery, helping to shape future capacity building activities toward a longer-term perspective.