Building Consensus

…bringing together stakeholders to raise awareness, build consensus, and increase the development orientation in technical assistance and capacity building on trade and investment

African Union/RECs Workshop on Trade in Services In Collaboration with ILEAP and AfDB

Opening Ceremony


Session III: Overview on services trade and integration in Africa



Session IV: REC experiences on Trade in Services      


  • COMESA, Emily Mburu, Trade in Services and Trade Facilitation Coordinator, COMESA Secretariat
  • EAC, Dorica Suvye Phiri, Trade Policy Advisor, EAC Secretariat
  • ECOWAS (EPA services) / (General services), Foli Ametitovi, Consultant, ECOWAS Secretariat
  • SADC, Markus Jelitto, GIZ/SADC Trade Policy Advisor, SADC Secretariat

Session V:    Private sector experiences in developing services Industries and trade in services.



Session VI:    Mainstreaming trade in services into regional and national development plans



Session VII:     Technical assistance and capacity building programmes on trade in services


  • GIZ/SADC, Markus Jelitto, Trade Policy Advisor
  • USAID Trade Hub, Matthew Stern, DNA Economics
  • World Bank, Nora Dihel, Africa Region (PREM)
  • ILEAP, David Primack, Executive Director


Session VIII:     Way Forward on strengthening the services agenda in Africa

Closing Session and adoption of Final Report

  • AUC