Building Consensus

…bringing together stakeholders to raise awareness, build consensus, and increase the development orientation in technical assistance and capacity building on trade and investment

Towards an East African Coalition of Service Industries (CSI)
First Meeting of the Steering Committee

The Heron Hotel - Nairobi, Kenya
27-28 July 2010

This meeting aimed to assist stakeholders to move forward on the basis of previous recommendations and facilitate the formation of an East African Coalition of Service Industries (CSI) by bringing together the first meeting of the regional CSI Steering Committee. The general objective was to put in place a road map on the specific steps needed to bring the regional CSI into being by the 3rd quarter of 2010. More specifically, the meeting aimed to:

  • Enumerate, inter alia, a draft mandate/mission statement, objectives, initial activities and sectors, organizational structure and membership criteria of the CSI;
  • Outline a plan for securing the requisite resources to initiate operations, including for dedicated staff in the short-term;
  • Identify activities for which the CSI could prioritize for initial interventions, including vis-à-vis communications; and
  • Identify national and regional ‘CSI champions’ from the private and public sectors.

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