Appui aux pays à faible revenu

...soutenir les pays à faible revenu à garantir des résultats en faveur du développement et de l’équité dans les négociations commerciales et d’investissement, et dans la mise en œuvre des politiques publiques et des réformes réglementaires.

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ILEAP provides specialized professional services across a broad spectrum of trade issues.

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to contribute to the reduction of poverty by supporting low-income countries and regions to secure pro-development and equitable outcomes from trade and investment negotiations, implementation, and policy and regulatory reforms. Drawing on our international network of advisors, we do this through independent economic and legal advisory support, capacity building and the creation and dissemination of knowledge and information.

ILEAP has carved out a particular niche with respect to trade in services issues, supporting negotiations and policy formulation at the national, regional and multilateral levels, as well as providing assistance for enhanced private sector engagement on services issues.