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File Title:   Background Brief No. 16: Negotiating Trade in Services with the EC: Analysis of Options and Opportunities for African Countries
Description:   African countries are engaged in fairly intensive negotiations with the European Union (EU)
for concluding comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). Trade in Services
is one of the key focus areas of the EPAs. ILEAP is assisting a number of these African
groups to prepare for the negotiations on services in the EPA, and in particular to prepare
offers and requests for the negotiations. In this regard, a number of specific sectors of interest
have been identified as of significant interest for some groupings. They include information
communication technologies (ICT) and IT-enabled services, Tourism and Travel, Financial
Services, Health Services and Transport Services..... Download this file  
File Date:   29/05/2009
File Author:   ILEAP - JEICP
File Size:   469Kb
File Type:   pdf