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File Title:   Background Brief No. 17: Negotiating IT-Enabled Services Under EU EPA’s: India’s Experience and possible lessons for African Countries

The focus of this paper is on the possibilities of Information Technology Enabled Services or “ITeS”, and the opportunities and challenges it could potentially present for African countries.  ITeS, as the term indicates, refers to any service that can be delivered via the internet or any other medium that can deliver data. In the context of the terminologies used in Trade in Services, ITeS involves services delivered through Mode 1, i.e., cross-border supply of services through IT networks, where the service provider is in the ‘outsourcing’ or ‘off-shoring’ destination country, and the service consumer is in another country. ..... Download this file  

File Date:   29/05/2009
File Author:   ILEAP - JEICP
File Size:   868Kb
File Type:   pdf