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File Title:   Background Brief No. 22: Harnessing Services Trade for Development: A Background and Guide on Service Coalitions in Africa and the Caribbean

While there are many factors to consider in the development of an internationally competitive services sector, this paper highlights one of the key, far reaching factors for the private sector – the establishment of a national (and/or regional) coalition of service industries.

A service coalition is an organization of stakeholders related to the services sector who may have diverse interests, but who share common industry-wide objectives – the development of the service industry. The objectives of the stakeholders are more efficiently accomplished through a coalition engagement

The paper helps to demonstrate that the type of service coalitions evolving in developing countries offer an innovative channel to address a range of institutional and practical challenges to micro and small developing country services firms and as such, to unlocking the potential of the services sector to foster inclusive growth, sustainable development and ultimately poverty reduction. Download this file  

File Date:   16/04/2012
File Author:   ILEAP - JEICP
File Size:   451Kb
File Type:   pdf