Increasing The Stock of Knowledge

…increasing the stock of knowledge on the role of trade and investment to support development, and enhancing the interaction of ILEAP's network of beneficiaries, advisors and partners


The third main pillar of ILEAP activities focuses on the creation and dissemination of knowledge and information. This includes the preparation of forward-looking research and other 'knowledge bank' services. The specific outputs aim at increasing the stock of knowledge on the role of trade and investment to support development; enhancing the interaction of ILEAP's network of beneficiaries, advisors and partners; as well as strengthening the understanding on approaches to technical assistance and capacity building that can help trade and investment support development. The outcomes that ILEAP intends to influence include:

a. Forward-looking research

The forward-looking research commissioned under this work stream aims to increase the stock of knowledge on a particular subject matter. While emanating from a collaborative process of consultation with beneficiaries, it may not necessarily respond directly to a specific advisory support request. It may similarly provide a mechanism for ILEAP to consider 'emerging issues' – both in the sense of new issues on the trade and investment agenda and/or new issues under ILEAP's work programme. As such, it is distinct from the analytical supports prepared under ILEAP’s Advisory Support pillar of work.

ILEAP Background Briefs currently serve as the primary vehicle for this research. Additional knowledge products are presently under consideration.

b. Knowledge bank services

The provision of 'knowledge bank' services involves leveraging ILEAP’s reputation as a resource for knowledge and analysis on trade and development issues. In practical terms, this implies deploying ILEAP's website and flagship publications in a more proactive manner to make relevant knowledge more readily accessible to stakeholders. By enabling better access to, and a better understanding of, new and existing knowledge, such efforts can help in increasing the understanding of the development dimension of trade and investment.

ILEAP’s flagship publications include:

A broad range of additional papers can also be accessed under the Papers section of specific events (these include policy analysis to help understand the implication of reforms under deliberation and regulatory studies). In certain cases, the topic and/or recommendations contained in an ILEAP paper can be of a sensitive and confidential nature, in which case these outputs are not publically available.

Future updates to the ILEAP website will make many of the additional papers available in a searchable format for improved access. Future iterations of the website will also provide resources on specific themes, including training materials.

Other publications

Aid for Trade and Development, Cambridge University Press

ILEAP Brochure (2011)